Enlight – the ‘Swiss army knife’ app for photographers?


A NEW photo app is taking the iPhone user market by storm. It’s called Enlight (see end of article for download links and options).

As keen photographers, we at G63 couldn’t resist a download to see what the fuss is about and if the app is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for iPhone photographers. It’s not yet available on Android, but is, they say, in development, as is an iPad version.

There’s loads of iPhone/Android photography apps out there, many of them free but what makes Enlight an attractive option is complete functionality it offers. More like a desktop package than an iPhone app. And at under a fiver, it’s not exactly a bank breaker. Everyone seems to want free apps these days, but most of them aren’t really free, requiring in-app purchases to unlock extra functions or, in the case of games, extra lives, levels or whatever.

At G63 we tend to use a bunch of different apps as none of them seem to do everything – Enlight does it all, and more. The extra photo manipulation features we’ve not found anywhere else include refit and instafit. The former allows the user to manipulate the content of an image…for instance, bringing two subjects closer together…while the latter gives a seemingly endless array of options for fitting an image into a square format ready for sharing on Instagram. We like that!

There’s loads of re-touching and other creative tools too allowing images to be combined, distorted and skewed in every way imaginable.

Another feature we love is the ability to add text to images which is something lacking in most of the photo apps. Even where it is an option, it often isn’t anywhere near as flexible as Enlight.

The downside of the amazing breadth of features and functionality is a slightly daunting user interface that could be confusing to those new to using creative photo apps. Good on-screen hints and tips go a long way to helping, but even our photo-geeks here at G63 reckon it’ll take a while to get their heads around Enlight.

So while Enlight might give us all the tools we need in one place we’re not ready to ditch the other photo apps…yet.

For Android users or  folks not wanting such a heavyweight app free versions of Snapseed or VSC Cam might be more suitable…and InstaGram has some reasonable filters combined with easy online and social sharing.

Some before and after images to show what Enlight can do.

Some before and after images to show what Enlight can do.

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