Balmaha drop-in as consultation nears completion

BALMAHA Visitor Centre is the latest venue to have hosted a Live Park drop-in on the proposed new local development plan.

Live Park’s Kirsty Sweeney tells G63: “It was good to speak with people from the local area and also to see some people who had come out from Glasgow after spotting details of the event on Facebook!

“We’re pleased to know that social media is helping us to engage with more people.

“The plan is supported by a range of other planning documents – we were able to explain what these documents are and why there are so many of them!  The Scottish Government expects new local development plans to be much shorter, more concise and map based documents with the majority of the detail now to be contained in accompanying planning guidance. For the Buchanan area, the plan itself and the supplementary planning guidance for South Buchanan were of most interest to people.”

The plan sets out the core planning policies that will guide and control development in the area and the associated supplementary guidance provides more detail of the types of development that might be supported over the next 10 years in Balmaha, Buchanan Castle Estate and Milton of Buchanan.

“Yesterday, people were keen to discuss many of the sites in the area including opportunities for new housing in the area, Balmaha boatyard, Buchanan Castle, Buchanan golf course and the former quarry site in Buchanan Castle,” adds Kirsty.

“This is the final stage of consultation in the process to prepare a new development plan for area.”

• Representations can be made online here or using the representation form here. The consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 29 June.

• Photo courtesy of Live Park

Author: editor

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