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kitchentimers_iconOUR mission at G63 is not only to in produce our readers to the amazing world of smartphone & tablet apps (OK, we admit – we have an Apple/iOS bias!) but to point you to the best of genre. SO here goes…again…

Don’t know about you, but we often need several kitchen timers at the same time? – pasta in one pan on the hob, sauce in another. Maybe a couple of things in the oven at the same time. Nightmare?

Not anymore – say hello to the beautiful Kitchen Timer(s) app.

Kitchen Timers(s) gives you up to six, yup SIX, timers on your iPhone or iPad screen.

And if you need to access your recipes app (like our recommended Paprika)…or just check your email or watch a video while cooking, Kitchen Timer(s) works in the background even when it’s not on your screen and sends notifications as soon as one of your timers is over.

It even works if your iPhone or iPad has gone to sleep…and if you have an Apple Watch, you will be notified on it!

Leave the time blank and it will act like a stopwatch.

An elegant and reliable tool for your kitchen. Try it and you will never use your regular egg timer or old clockwork timer again!

Same app works on iPhone and iPad…click the banner to get it now:

…’fraid this app isn’t available on Android – you might wanna check out this as an alternative 😉

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