Loch Lomond Inch by Inch

Swim Run athletes pass through Balmaha

Swim Run athletes pass through Balmaha. Pic: G63

AROUND 80 elite athletes ran through Balmaha today (Saturday 5 September) as part of Swim Run UK’s Loch Lomond Inch by Inch event – a 22-mile marathon with ten runs and ten swims taking them across Loch Lomond…and back.

The athletes started off in Arden on the west side of the local, swam over to Balmaha via four islands, ran up Conic Hill before turning around and swimming back over the loch to Luss via another six islands.

“It’s basically swimming in a wetsuit with your trainers on and then running in a wetsuit with your wet trainers on. And you’ve to run up a mountain,” says organiser Alan Anderson.

“It’s for bored ironman triathletes. It’s the fastest growing sport in Europe at the moment. It’s gone from one race in Sweden 10 years ago to 60 all over Europe this summer.” an event for those “bored by ironmans and triathlons.

“We’re expecting the fastest people to do it in five and a half hours and the slowest people to do in nine hours.”

• More info on the event here

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