New action plan calls for ‘community champions’

BUCHANAN’s newly published Community Action Plan (CAP) is the blueprint to help drive positive action within the community, provide direction and focus for community based organisations and support grant applications over the next four years.

While only a limited number of physical copies have been produced, the CAP document is available at Drymen Library and can be read here.

Click above to read the new Buchanan Community Action Plan

Click above to read the new Buchanan Community Action Plan

The independent document, which is owned by the community, recognises the achievements and outstanding items of the previous 2007-2010 plan and builds on this with new ideas for development to support the community.

Representing the status, views and aspirations of the community in 2014, the plan sets out what the community aims to achieve across a number of priority areas.

To do this, the community needs to work together with local and national stakeholders to achieve its full potential.

And while  Buchanan Community Council and the Buchanan Community Partnership exist to support the delivery of community activities, community champions are needed to tackle the issues set out in this plan and act as the catalyst for positive community action.

Individuals or organisations based in Buchanan interested in becoming community champions and helping tackle any of the actions  outlined in the CAP should email Buchanan Community Partnership here.


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