Outcry at Drymen to Glasgow bus stoppage

FOLLOWING A poorly publicised consultation in Stirling about bus service changes, the bus service from Drymen to Glasgow is scheduled to stop with effect from 1 August.

Little or no notice was given to G63 residents likely to be most affected by the termination of the service.

Drymen resident Sarah Robinson advised of the news via the community’s Facebook group writing: “I’d urge anyone who uses the bus to email Stirling Transport who have made the changes to highlight it’s need, even if you only use it occasionally, your new journey into Glasgow will involve 1-3buses or/and a train, increasing fares, likelihood for delays and difficulty accessing work and other services.”

G63 understands there’s been talk of a DRT (Demand Responsive Transport) option pilot in place but that’s  unconfirmed and these services require 24 hours’ notice.

• Concerned residents can make their view known by contacting the council here.




Author: davearcari

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