MP highlights need to tackle Finnich parking and litter

STIRLING MP Stephen Kerr recently visited Finnich Glen – known locally as the Devil’s Pulpit – to see for himself the traffic/parking dangers and littering which have been brought to his attention by concerned locals.

The problems have arisen since the beauty spot has featured in a number of popular TV and film productions as well as travel blogs and has subsequently been attracting increasing numbers of visitors

Following his visit – alongside landowner David Young and his wife Carole – Stephen has written to the Council’s chief executive highlighting the issues and has undertaken to continue liaising with council members to resolve this situation.

He saw the level of environmental damage, litter and erosion in the glen caused by irresponsible visitors. However, it is also acknowledged that much of the negative impact on the  is due to the sheer number of visitors.  

Stephen heard how the level of visitor activity had been affecting the Youngs’ ability to farm, saying: “The glen is beautiful, but the disrespectful way it is being treated by some visitors is appalling.

“It’s right and proper that people enjoy access to the Scottish countryside and beauty spots like this, but they must treat it respectfully, not leave litter and stick to paths.

“People also need to be aware of what’s going on around them as parking inconsiderately and allowing dogs to attack sheep in surrounding fields is a real problem here.”


Author: editor

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