About Us

G63 Are An Innovative Scottish Group Looking To Mobilise Artists And Communities Across Scotland

We established ourselves a little over six years ago and since building our online presence we have seen a significant rise in demand.  Part of the reason for the rise in demand on our service has been  social media posts in addition to us publicising our website at our local events as well as by word of mouth. This has helped to encourage people to enquire about the services that are on offer.

Our website is regularly updated with important and engaging content that we know our audience will appreciate. We cover a range of different stories and sectors to ensure that the posts and news that we bring you is diverse and also interesting and relevant to what you are looking for online.


When we are actively posting , it is likely that our information will come from a variety of different news and industry sources. If you have any question about the sort of content that we are creating then why not contact us?

Making A Difference

We understand that it can be difficult in order to motivate or guide people towards a common purpose. This is partly why we created our website in order to help make a big difference to communities and put them in a better overall position.


There have been numerous studies over the years across Scotland. All , of them have concluded that having a close knit community with a common purpose or values can all contribute greatly to having a very safe and progressive community. One of the problems associated with many areas of the UK and Scotland is fragmented communities.


Basically this means that a lot of communities are in smaller sub communities and don’t really mix with each other. This is a problem in smaller rural areas where local community can help people living there feel a sense of belonging and safety within their own local area.

How We Do It

We have a range of different activities and functions running throughout the year to ensure that we can make a positive change within Scottish communities across the country. There are many different ways through which we are succeeding in driving positive change and we are proud to do so.


We have contacts across multiple communities in Scotland who feedback information to us based on how different communities are coping and what could be done in order to improve experiences and opportunities within smaller rural communities and villages.


We couldn’t provide the services we do without the help and advice of people within local communities across Scotland. Their skills expertise and guidance is crucial in order to ensure that we can maintain a high standard of support for communities across many different areas of Scotland.

Art In Scotland

Art has always been one of out important priorities for communities across Scotland. Art can provide a range of benefits and is even used as a form of therapy for people who have mental health issues. One of the wonderful things about art is that it can be taken on as a hobby at virtually any age or stage in life.


This makes an excellent pastime for those who are in retirement or are a younger age and stage in their lives. We always have and will continue to champion artwork in Scotland and its overall benefits. It can bring with it a lot of opportunities and also benefits.


For example artwork can also be used as a form of business as well as a past-time. This means that income can also be generated through doing a hobby. What’s great about art is that the market is so variable that prices can often be set individually by the artist based on what they think their own piece of art might be worth.



Every way to make your trip memorable.