Ongoing Projects

We always have some form of project on the go in order to continue development and activity within the local communities that we worth with.

On this page we will go through the different projects that we are currently working on and detail to you the differences that they are making within the local community and further afield.

Bringing Sports Into Rural Areas (Northern Scotland)

One of the main ways in which we are driving change through our ongoing community projects is by helping to encourage participation in sports across Northern Scotland.


Unfortunately , at the present time there are many areas within rural northern Scotland that lack the facilities and also the services to run sports clubs as well as sporting events. This means that many people within these local communities lack the opportunities to take part in sport.


We therefore saw it is a very important and rewarding task to bring sports into rural areas across northern Scotland. One of the main ways through which we began to take on this project was through online resources. For many of us , using websites and online social communications is probably amongst some of the quickest and easiest ways in order to stay in touch with people.  Therefore it is important that time is taken to ensure that we can get our message across online.


By actively posting to our blogs across a very of different websites we have managed to gather up a significant online audience , many of whom are actually located in the north of Scotland where we would be implementing these particular changes.

How Important Is Sport For Rural Communities?

Sport is crucial for rural communities. Without sport , these communities would see less community activity and events taking place. One of the wonderful things about sport is that it acts as a social hub and melting point for people from across different parts of Scotland and different communities.


Its important that these communities found throughout the length and breadth of Scotland continue to see sustainable growth and support in order for them to thrive and be successful. There are a number of different ways through which we can assist with the process of raising funds in order to be able to help to continue development of sport for rural communities.


One of the main ways through which this can be dine is community events. Community events are a brilliant way to gather the community together for a common goal or purpose. This are normally hosted with the aim of raising money for important local causes and trust funds.

How Can Sporting Opportunities Be Improved In The Near Future?

In the near future, there are a variety of different types of ways through which sporting opportunities can be improved.  An excellent way through which opportunities can be widened for young people in rural communities is through promotion online. Free online workshops as well as guides to different sports can go a long way to helping to improve sporting opportunities for many people in the near future across Scotland.


Much of our websites traffic often originates from rural communities in Scotland who are looking to further their knowledge on the different opportunities and sports that are available to them or that they could access in the near future.



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