Art And Community In Scotland

There are a wide range of reasons as to why art and community is so important in Scotland. One of the main reasons why art is so important in Scotland is the stories it can tell. Thousands of years different forms of art have been used to convey messages or stories from across Scotland.

These can often be found in the form of inscriptions as well as old symbols which can be found on books and walls in locations across Scotland.  Its important that these artefacts and ancient sites are preserved well into the future. Furthermore , in addition to this we should also remember why these messages should be preserved.

What Financial Support Is There Available For History?

Generally speaking there is a lot of support available for history and historic items. This is for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons why this is the case is because it is important for future generations to understand more about their background as well as the historical events of the pest and how those have led to changes in the way we live.


One of the biggest supporters of history within Scotland is the Scottish government. Each year the government provides budgets and funds for the arts to ensure that they are adequately funded. One of the things that makes Scottish history unique is thanks to a number of different nations that have made their mark on Scotland. There have been several countries from across Europe that have tried to lay claim to Scotland at one stage or another.

How Does Art Affect History In Scotland?

There are many different ways through which art has influenced and affected history in Scotland. One of the main ways through which art has influenced history is architecture. Scotland has produced some of the worlds most famous architects. Charles rennie mackintosh was one of Scotland’s most famous architects who produced a significant amount of art and architecture which has helped to shape modern Scottish architecture to a significant extent.


Mackintosh’s designs and iconic structures have become landmarks across Scotland and important part’s of Scotland’s history. It is crucial that these historic and artistic links are preserved for many years to come.


Without art , it would be difficult to distinguish how Scotland has been shaped by important historic events in the past. There are a significant number of paintings which have helped to depict different aspects of Scottish history and culture in the past. It is crucial these paintings and artworks are preserved in order to keep a good record of Scottish history and art.

How Can Scottish Communities Help?

We are keen to explore the different ways through which Scottish communities may be able to help and assist with preserving history and art within Scotland. One of the main ways in which this is being done is through community art workshops. Community art workshops can bring together multiple parts of the community to ensure that they can work together to create new art.



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