Scotlands Worldwide Exports

Scotland is one of the most recognisable nations on the worldwide map thanks to some of its unique exports and cultural uniqueness.

Let’s explore its different exports and find out more about why it has become such a popular destination worldwide.

What Does Scotland Export?

The answer to this question is more complex than you might have thought. Scotland exports a wide range of different products and services to different countries across the world. One of the main areas through which Scotland makes a considerable amount of sales is food and drink exports.


Food and drink exports have always been a strong trade industry for Scotland. Much of the food and drink that is exported to locations further afield from Scotland is traditional food and drink which has its roots set in Scottish culture and history.


One of Scotland’s most popular exports is Scottish whisky. For hundreds of years Scottish whisky has been an extremely popular beverage which has seen popularity across the United Kingdom as well as further afield. There have been a variety of different reasons for this and one of them is the unique climate that Scotland has that helps contribute to the overall taste and flavour of the whisky.


Scotland is renowned for its whisky industry and there are distilleries dotted around the highlands and islands of Scotland. Normally each distillery which is producing whisky using slightly different ingredients and distillation methods in order to make their own range of whisky products as unique and special as possible.

Scottish whisky has become so desirable and popular over time that in some cases it has even ended up selling for tens of thousands of pounds if it it was an older rare cask of which a limited quantity might have been produced.

Food Products

As well as the drinks industry , Scotland is also a very popular food destination and exporter with many exclusive Scottish foods being seen as delicacies in other countries. For example , one of the most popular forms of food from Scotland is Scottish salmon. This kind of salmon is farmed and caught off the coast of Scotland.



One of the reasons that it is so popular is the unique flavour it has due to the areas which the fish come from and the quality of the water where they roam. Scottish salmon is often an accompaniment to other dishes and is sought after across the world. It is seen as by far one of the best types of fish that can be served anywhere.


Another key food export from Scotland which is very popular is shortbread. Shortbread is a popular snack which is made up of a combination of biscuits. Normally shortbread is served as an accompaniment to desserts or alternatively with tea or coffee.


It is a traditional Scottish biscuit and is very popular across the world. It is one of a limited range of food products that are fairly exclusive to Scotland.

Clothing And Materials

As well as food products and services , Scotland also exports a large volume of materials worldwide every year. One of the main markets for clothing is Tartan and kilts. Tartan is a distinctive pattern that has been worn by Scottish people for centuries. Its often defined by colourful and distinct patterns and can be worn on multiple different items of clothing.


Tartan is of course most commonly found on kilts which are a key part of Scottish traditional dress. Kilts were commonly worn centuries ago. However now in the present day they are seen as an exclusive form of clothing which are mainly only worn at weddings and other high profile events which require formal dress.



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