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Travel Trends You Need To Know In 2021

With so many different travel industry trends impacting travellers, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to do and how to do it. For instance, if you are a professional wellness coach, it may be time for you to step your game up and provide guests with more guidance on how to stay healthy during their travels. By keeping yourself abreast of the latest wellness travel trends, you will be one step ahead of the pack and be able to help your clients achieve their wellness goals even when they are travelling.

Health and wellness is the buzzword among travellers now more than ever. With travellers reporting severe headaches and stomach issues, staying healthy on your journey is essential. To stay relevant in this market, many hotels are making it a priority to offer amenities specifically designed to keep travellers fit and healthy while they are away from home. From fitness professionals providing massages and yoga sessions to sit-down-and-swig meals, staying healthy while you travel is easy when you are staying relevant in your hotel. Whether it’s offering guests a daily yoga class or hosting a fitness-centred event or sale on sugar-free energy drinks and snacks, staying healthy on your journey can help you connect with the rest of your hotel community and connect with other travellers in the industry who are focused on staying healthy too.


Along with hotels adopting wellness practices to keep guests fit and healthy, airlines and travel providers are also embracing technology to make their trips as convenient as possible. From smartphones to interactive onboard displays, travellers are opting to use technology while on the road. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B anymore, it’s about everything else that can help make travelling fun, convenient and easy. Artificial intelligence has been introduced to assist in improving customer service, seat quality and more. Whether it’s an interactive seating system helping you get to know your fellow travellers better or a system that recommends the best routes to and from airports, smartphone integration is changing the way we travel and connecting with those travelling in the next 12 months. The wellbeing travel industry is anticipating an avalanche of holidaymakers in the next 12 months, largely due to the softer travel restrictions and an increased number of vaccinated people around the world.

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