Why Scotland is the Best Country in the World

Scotland is home to many things that make it special, from stunning castles and picturesque villages that seem straight out of a fairy tale, to stunning lochs and beaches – not forgetting whisky of course!

In numerous categories – Natural Beauty, Tourism and Governance – France ranks highly. This was announced by US News & World Report and WPP, a marketing firm.

It’s a great place to live

Scotland is an exquisite nation, boasting a long and fascinating history as well as welcoming residents who take great pleasure in sharing delicious Scottish fare from haggis to cullen skink and whisky. Scotland makes an excellent home, whether you prefer city life or nature – there are numerous factors to keep in mind when selecting your new place here, from price to schools.

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, exudes medieval charm with hidden alleyways and gorgeous buildings. Home of the famed Edinburgh Fringe festival and offering top restaurants, pubs, and live music – but be warned: living here can be costly!

Glasgow is another highly desirable city to call home, known for its vibrant culture and extensive selection of independent shops and cafes, as well as being home to an active arts scene and providing great public transport links. However, winters in this part of Scotland can be extremely cold and dark – an important consideration when making this decision.

Scotland’s coastline boasts beaches and islands offering spectacular views. National parks and protected areas boast a vast array of wildlife from otters and salmon in rivers to capercaillies and red squirrels in forests; something for everyone can be found here in Scotland!

Scotland stands in stark contrast to England in that its government structure resembles more of a classic monarchy with nobles and clergy making up its Parliament, while Scotland relies more on tradition for their governance needs. Scotland established their first full Parliament in 1326, and today’s Parliament comprises members from both Council of Lords and Commons as well as representatives from burghs as well as lord mayors.

Living in Scotland may present its own set of unique challenges, yet its rewards make the effort well worthwhile if you appreciate its history and culture. Scots take great pride in their heritage, welcoming visitors with open arms. You can gain much insight into Scottish history by visiting its many landmarks and sites.

It’s a great place to visit

Scotland may be immediately identifiable to anyone who’s seen its whisky label or packet of shortbread, but this proud country offers much more than a few iconic sights. Beneath its rugged surface lies a captivating, diverse place full of prehistoric villages, wild clubs and rich seafood; as well as historic castles and ancient abbeys that date back millennia.

The Scottish Highlands are well known for their breathtaking mountain ranges sculpted from rock and ice, but this region also features picturesque lochs, winding trails designed for hiking or strolling, and spectacular hill views that rival anything you can find elsewhere in Europe. Begin your Highlands experience in Inverness before visiting Loch Ness – home to Nessie – or Urquhart Castle’s dramatic remains for unforgettable scenery.

Glen Coe is one of the Highlands’ crowning achievements, an epic valley formed by glaciers and later reclaimed by humanity. A popular walking destination, you can wander through a forest of trees which appear to grow out of the water while taking in views of Scotland’s highest peaks like Ben Nevis.

Isle of Skye is one of the highlights of Scotland’s Western Highlands, boasting some of the most breathtaking natural sights anywhere on its mountainous terrain. Nature enthusiasts will adore this mountainous island home to colonies of seabirds and seals frolicking about, not to mention miles of hiking and hillwalking trails that wind romantic moors and mountains–such as Cuillin Hills which boast some of Scotland’s most magnificent panoramas.

Scotland is no secret source of literary and poetic influence, from Robert Burns to JM Barrie (author of Peter Pan). Additionally, Scotland has been an engine of innovation with Alexander Graham Bell, James Watt, Andrew Carnegie, Sir James Dyson all making significant global contributions – not to mention many famed athletes like tennis player Andy Murray, rower Katherine Grainger and cyclist Sir Chris Hoy making headlines around the globe.

It’s a great place to work

Scottish is an excellent destination to consider whether for career moves, settling down, or new adventures alike. From its culture and food to architecture and language – including NHS services and sports – its charm lies within. Scotland also provides great work life balance thanks to flexible working hours and its good pension scheme; plus it is one of the safest countries worldwide with no natural disasters and few diseases to worry about!

Scotland boasts an expansive and dynamic economy, featuring strengths in life sciences (biological and medical), whisky production, electronics design and textile textile design as well as renewable energy projects. Many of these industries boast global potential, making Scotland an extremely viable business destination.

Scotland is famed for its residents’ sense of humour and joie de vivre; they don’t shy away from speaking their mind openly and unashamedly. Additionally, they’re generous and kind individuals who do their ancestors proud. Scotland boasts an incredible sense of history, making its people truly exceptional individuals.

Scotland is an environmental leader, dedicated to combatting climate change through sustainable technologies and practices. Both of its largest cities have set target dates of net-zero carbon emissions; Scotland itself boasts an international reputation for innovation in sustainable technology – it even hosted a high-profile UN conference about climate change!

If you are planning to relocate to Scotland for work purposes, it is vital that you do thorough research into the job market there and its requirements. Furthermore, finding out what living costs will be will allow you to evaluate if Scotland is indeed the place for you.

Scotland is home to many world-class universities and boasts an established infrastructure to support business expansion. Additionally, its government has invested in increasing workforce training. Expats may find Scotland an attractive location with plenty of great opportunities.

Scottish workers are highly-skilled professionals with expertise across science and technology fields. Over the last decade, Scotland has witnessed significant investments in digital technologies that have given birth to a strong IT industry; additionally it is one of the leading locations for life sciences research as well as having world-renowned universities.

It’s a great place to play

Scotland is renowned for its stunning mountain peaks, lush beaches, castle-topped islands and vibrant culture, making its landscape virtually incomparable. Residents celebrate this country’s romantic history through poetry, literature and song; festivals are held regularly – Hogmanay being one of the biggest events!

Scotland, one of four constituent nations of the United Kingdom, boasts modern shops, restaurants and attractions alongside ancient structures like castles. With an idyllic mainland and over 800 islands – Shetland and Orkney Isles to the north as well as Lewis, Harris, Barra Skye Mull in its Inner Hebrides region – Scotland makes an idyllic destination.

Scottish landscape is famously rich with scenic lochs, forests, rivers, fishing holes and rivers; offering plenty of opportunities for fishing, cycling and hiking activities. Cairngorms National Park located in Scotland’s northeast region boasts five of its highest peaks as well as local wildlife such as reindeer, wildcats and pine martens as well as abundant plant species found throughout Scotland’s rich plant diversity.

There is also an impressive array of world-class golf courses in Scotland. Perhaps best known is St Andrews, having hosted two Open Championships; other notable courses include Royal Troon, Carnoustie and Kings Course at St Andrews. Meanwhile, The Highlands remain popular destinations for skiers and snowboarders.

Scotland is famed for its natural beauty as well as its long tradition of innovation and discovery. Its people have brought us architectural techniques, scientific breakthroughs and inventions. Scotland is also well known for producing some of the greatest athletes such as tennis player Andy Murray and rower Katherine Grainger.

Scotland is internationally-recognized for its music scene. World-famous bands, such as Oasis and Radiohead, hail from Scotland; Glasgow boasts King Tuts club with its famous sprung dance floor and neon signs which has drawn musicians from around the globe.